Welcome to the new look VDS website!

Welcome to the new look VDS website!

Over the past twelve months, we’ve taken an in-depth look at our business, our core values and what makes us who we are. As part of this, we’ve decided to refresh our visual identity, in order to better engage with our members, and to put in place a framework that clearly communicates what we do and why we do it, to people inside and outside of the VDS.

If you’ve visited the VDS website before, you’ll notice that its appearance has changed. The most visible change is our logo – our new logo is designed to sit at the head of a family of VDS brands, including VDS Training. There are other subtle changes, around our colours, fonts and styles, which are mainly of interest to our marketing geeks and which we’re sure you’ll soon get used to!

Our updated appearance is a reflection of our aim, which is to listen and respond to the ever-changing veterinary profession, while seeking to emphasise the importance of membership and mutuality through the themes of “Defend, Support and Develop”.  

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